Low carbon technologies and energy efficiency

Section Overview

This section looks at technologies and approaches that can play a major role in reducing emissions from the energy and industrial sectors.  The pages in this section look at the following.

  1. Considers the rate of growth of energy technologies and the policy implications of this.  It takes a several decades to get technologies to the scale where they are a major proportion of world energy supply.  This places significant limits on decarbonisation pathways.  However some groups of technologies such as energy efficiency and solar have different characteristics, and may follow a different pattern.
  2. Looks at barriers to the deployment of solar as costs are coming down to levels that make it more economically competitive.
  3.  Reviews the current status of CCS, showing that it is beginning to make a more significant contribution to decarbonisation, but mainly outside the power sector, where it is unlikely to account for a large proportion of emission abatement for some decades.
  4. Looks at long term trends in lighting and what they tell us about prospects for reducing energy demand through greater efficiency.

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