What does this site cover?

This site provides commentary on policy to address the problem of climate change.

It is intended for anyone interested in climate change policy.  It primarily looks at policy worldwide, although it is based in the UK and sometimes addresses UK-specific issues.

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Please send any corrections or comments to adam.whitmore@hotmail.co.uk

Who runs the site?

This site is run by Adam Whitmore.  He is a specialist on energy economics and climate change policy, drawing on over 25 years’ experience of the energy sector.    He was previously Chief Advisor, Energy and Climate Change Policy for one of the world’s 100 largest companies, and held a similar position at an NGO.  He was also Chief Economist at a joint venture between BP and Rio Tinto to build CCS projects, and Director for Energy Economic Consulting at one of the big four professional services firms.

He has worked with a wide range of organisations, including commercial companies, governments and regulatory authorities.  He is a member of the supervisory Council of the British Institute of Energy Economics, and gives guest lectures on MSc courses at a number of leading universities.

The site is not funded or sponsored by any other individual or organisation, and there are no advertisements.


All material on this website is copyright.  Fair use of the material is permitted provided it is clearly stated that the material is from this site and/or the underlying source material.


While some care is taken to ensure that material on this website is well supported, all material is the personal views and opinions of the author and no guarantee is given of the accuracy, correctness, completeness or timeliness of any information found on this site.  No warranty of any kind, express or implied, is made as to any of the material contained in the website.  No liability of any kind is accepted for this website or anything contained therein.

Anyone seeking to use any information found on this website for any purposes whatsoever should verify the information independently.  The material contained in the website is not intended as a basis for action or decisions of any kind, and may not be relied on for any purposes whatsoever.  Nothing contained in it should be construed as investment advice or financial advice of any kind.  Future events and outturns may differ greatly from any outcomes suggested on this website.

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